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SENS3: Multisensory Database of Finger-Surface Interactions and Corresponding Sensations

Abstract: The growing demand for natural interactions with technology underscores the importance of achieving realistic touch sensations in digital environments. Realizing this goal highly depends on comprehensive databases of finger-surface interactions, which need further development. Here, we present SENS3, an extensive open-access repository of multisensory data acquired from fifty surfaces when two participants explored them with their fingertips through static contact, pressing, tapping , and sliding. SENS3 encompasses high-fidelity visual, audio, and haptic information recorded during these interactions, including videos, sounds, contact forces, torques, positions, accelerations, skin temperature , heat flux, and surface photographs. Additionally, it incorporates thirteen participants' psychophysical sensation ratings while exploring these surfaces freely. We anticipate that SENS3 will be valuable for advancing multisensory texture rendering, user experience development, and touch sensing in robotics. 

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Jagan K. Balasubramanian*, Bence L. Kodak*, and Yasemin Vardar. SENS3: Multisensory Database of Finger-Surface Interactions and Corresponding Sensations, arXiv, 2024, doi:10.48550/arXiv.2401.01818


      title={SENS3: Multisensory Database of Finger-Surface Interactions and Corresponding Sensations}, 

      author={Jagan K. Balasubramanian and Bence L. Kodak and Yasemin Vardar},






About us:

SENS3 database has been created by Yasemin Vardar, Jagan Balasubramanian, and Bence Kodak at the Haptic Interface Technology Lab (HITLab). 

HITLab is an interdisciplinary research group led by Dr. Yasemin Vardar, and it is located in the Human-Robot Interaction Section of the Cognitive Robotics Department at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the Delft University of Technology. For more information, please check our website: www.hitlabtud.nl

Dr. ir. Yasemin Vardar

Yasemin is the principal investigator of HITLab.

Jagan K. Balasubramanian

Jagan is a PhD student at HITLab. 

ir. Bence L. Kodak

Bence worked as a research engineer and did his MSc. thesis and internship at HITLab. 

This work is part of the project "From signal-based modeling to sensation-based modeling" with project number 19153 of the research programme Veni partly financed by the Dutch Research Council (NWO) and Huawei Technologies.