An open-source multisensory database of finger-surface interactions and corresponding sensations

Touch Beyond Limits.

Unveil the multiverse of SENS3, an unparalleled fusion of visual, tactile, audio, and perception database of textures.

Explore our database featuring 50 distinctive textures' visual, audio, and tactile data captured while two people interacted with them through their bare finger. 

We recorded the multi-sensory texture cues through our unique data collection apparatus having an accelerometer, force sensor, thermistor, heat-flux sensor, position sensor, machine vision cameras, and a microphone.

In addition to finger-interaction recordings, we collected thirteen participants' psychophysical sensation ratings through free surface exploration.

SENS3 stands apart from existing databases with its vast array of textures, the fusion of multi-sensory cues, and its finger-based data acquisition methodology.

Data Collection Procedures